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Aarakocra are an avian race native to airy regions of the Elemental Chaos, where they are constantly engaged in battle with the forces of elemental earth. Over the centuries, however, a number of aarakocra have become trapped within the Material Plane, where they have formed a handful of small enclaves amidst Syra's mountain peaks. They are most comfortable in the sky, taking to the air for hours - and sometimes days - at a time (in their native plane, they can soar for weeks or months without landing).

Aarakocra are extremely fastidious, and are often drawn to shiny objects. However, they have little concept of ownership. They simply take whatever they deem useful or pretty, which often brings them into conflict with other races who take issue with what they perceive to be theft. Aarakocra are also fiercely attached to their communities, and have little interest in either dealing with other races or spending long periods of time on the ground. As a result, it takes an exceptional set of circumstances for an aarakocra to strike out alone.