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The Infernal Battlefield of Acheron is a chaotic Outer Plane filled with iron cubes floating in an airy void. These cubes range in size from a few hundred feet across to the size of entire continents. Each cube side has its own gravity, and crossing from one side to the next can be disconcerting from the unexperienced. It is not uncommon for cubes to collide with each other in a violent but spectacular event that echoes forever across the plane's infinite expanse.

Throughout the plane, hundreds if not thousands of armies filled with creatures from every conceivable plane clash with each other in neverending battles, the reasons for which have long since been forgotten. Most of these creatures found their way to Acheron via portals and, unable to find their way back, joined the various armies in their wars against each other.

One of the largest cubes in Acheron is Chernoggar. Known as the Iron Fortress, this cube is the home of Bane, the god of war and tyranny. Chernoggar is pitted with thousands of craters, a testament to the sheer number of collisions it has survived.