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God of the Oceans, Lord of Storms
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Aegir is the god of the storms and seas. His domains are nature and tempest.

Aegir was originally worshiped almost exclusively by giants, in particular by storm and cloud giants. As a member of the giants' pantheon, Aegir answered to Annam, the Allfather. At the close of the Third Age, Tiamat (at the urging of Memnor) convinced the other deities turned against Annam's wife, who was a primordial. Feeling caught between their leader and their fellow deities, Aegir - along with Stronmaus, Thrym, and Surtr - chose to stand aside. When Annam's wife was killed, and Annam himself banished, the giants felt betrayed by their inaction and turned against their gods. While his fellow giant deities gave way to anger or despair, Aegir simply decided to seek new followers elsewhere. With the primordials Olhydra and Ben-hadar banished to the Elemental Plane of Water, Aegir quickly filled the void left by their absence by becoming the sole god of the seas. Within a century, his connection to the giants had been all but forgotten.

Though Aegir opposed Nerull during the Deity War, he refused to get drawn into the other conflicts that arose between the various gods, even refusing Stronmaus's request to join him in exacting revenge on Tiamat.