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The Bloodfather, the Unsatisfied Questioner, the Bloodspiller
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Alignment Neutral Evil

Afflux is the god of interrogation, torture, and execution. His domain is knowledge. His symbol is a drop of blood bound in gold chains.

Afflux delighted in extracting information through pain and suffering, exhorting his followers to do the same. He claimed that every creature had a secret, and that those secrets should be divined through the spilling of their blood - as a result, he often claimed the title of god of secrets. After Vecna's ascension to godhood this claim caused some friction between the two, but Vecna largely kept to himself and it seemed he intended to ignore the encroachment upon his chosen portfolio. During the Deity War, however, Afflux suddenly went silent; when his exarchs entered his demesnes to investigate, they found that Afflux had been utterly destroyed, a message written across the floor in his blood: "There can be but one god of secrets."

A few scattered cults of Afflux still exist, however, united in the belief that their lord will be reborn through Vecna's destruction.