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Angels are the servants of the gods. They are created directly by the deities they are intended to serve, and while they do have free will, their alignments are always similar or equivalent to their patron deities, and they usually find it difficult to disobey a direct command. While most angels are created from scratch, a few are reincarnated from favored or particularly devout mortal servants who have died in service to their god.

As angels are connected to the deities that created them, it is an incredibly traumatic experience when an angel's deity dies (an extremely rare occurrence prior to the Deity War), and the angel will usually go mad with grief. This madness can take many forms: some angels fall into a deep depression and simply wander off, never to return; some (especially when their deity falls in battle) fly into a berserk rage and begin attacking everything and everyone around them; some have even been recorded as being unable to accept the loss of their god, and waiting with infinite patience outside their former places of residence for their return. Such madness is markedly less likely to affect angels reincarnated from mortal servants. Those angels who are able to maintain their sanity in the face of deicide often enter into the service of other deities with similar portfolios or alignments.