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The All-Father, The Prime, The Progenitor of Giants
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Alignment Neutral

Annam was the god of giants. His domain was Knowledge.

Annam fell in love with and married a primordial, whose name is long-forgotten but who with Annam's help forged the giant race. At the end of the Third Age, Memnor - envious of Annam's position as head of the giant pantheon - convinced the dragon queen Tiamat to lead the gods against Annam's wife during their war with the primordials. Annam called on the other giant gods for aid, but--unwilling to take sides--they stood by while the gods storm Annam's home and killed Annam's wife and banished Annam from the planes forever.


Annam had seven children: demigods who were the first among each of the major types of giants:

  • Auria, first of the storm giants and Aegir's wife.
  • Kaikias, first of the cloud giants.
  • Ogun, first of the fire giants. Claimed to have defeated a primordial of fire and stolen its power for himself.
  • Borhas, first of the frost giants. Fought against the gods in the Deity War in the hopes of consuming a divine spark and ascending, but was unsuccessful.
  • Termina, first of the stone giants.
  • Gugal, first of the hill giants.