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Race Trumpet archon
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Lawful Good

Arithel is a trumpet archon from the plane of Celestia. During a planar anomaly in the year 2929, the young Arithel was inadvertently transported to Syra, in the town of Elton. Though the townsfolk did not know of his extraplanar nature, they nonetheless took him in and cared for him. Though Arithel himself was unaware of how he had arrived on Syra, he immediately set about repaying their kindness, his kind words and calming voice soothing old quarrels and bringing a sense of peace to the village.

His arrival, however, had also been witnessed by an ogre mage living in the nearby hills. The ogre, desiring Arithel's blood for his dark rituals, sent his warband to capture the archon. Though they chained, tortured, and bled him, he was soon rescued by the Brightstone Heroes. Now believing he had been sent to save the townsfolk from the ogre threat, he very nearly sacrificed his life in unleashing his righteous fury upon his captors.

Returning back to Elton with his rescuers, he witnessed Chizu's murder at the hands of the demonic Mortal Hunter and demanded that her death be avenged. Soon after the Brightstone Heroes returned from slaying the demon, Arithel's guardian - an older trumpet archon - appeared in the town. Having finally discerned where the planar anomaly had sent his charge, the elder archon thanked both the townsfolk for caring for him and the Brightstone Heroes for rescuing him before returning with Arithel to Celestia.