Balon Stonehelm

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Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Character Class Barbarian
Status Alive

Balon "the Bear" Stonehelm bears the unmistakable appearance of a dwarven warrior. He is short and stout, his broad shoulders and chest encased in plate armor, greaves strapped to his legs and gauntlets around his hands, and a helmet on his bearded head. Assorted armaments dangle every which way from his belt: a large waraxe, a warhammer, a short sword and a smaller battle axe, to say nothing of the light but sturdy-looking shield strapped to one arm and the bow and quivers of arrows slung around his back. He is equally at ease splitting skulls as drinking ale.

When the call went out for labor to excavate the caves beneath Sionaas's tower, and for adventurers to kill any monsters found within, Balon headed forth to make some coin. There he met up with Leardon Sunflare, Tol Sigurn, Prov Coren, and Justin Oakenleaf. Together they headed into the caves, only to discover that it was actually a long-buried temple of Lolth, and the object Sionaas sought was one of the keys to her prison. He continued journeying with them as they fled under cover of night, enjoying the thrill of heroic adventure.

Together, they liberated Brightstone Keep and decided to make it their home, when they were approached by Zephyr Songbreeze, a high priestess of Corellon who explained the entire story of Lolth's prison and that they were needed to save the world. They traveled to the elven homeland of Lorius and met with Corellon himself, who impressed upon them the seriousness of the situation and appointed one of his mages to teleport them down to the gate. However, the teleport was misdirected by a powerful artifact; while the rest of his party was teleported to the location of the disturbance, Balon mysteriously found himself back in Silverstone, with no way to contact his fellow adventurers nor any knowledge of what had befallen them.

Balon found more adventures over the next few years before returning to Brightstone to find his former companions. After a brief reunion he set off in search of more adventure before finally returning to Brightstone once more to settle down. He currently holds the post of captain of the guard.