Bastian Thermandar

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Bastian Thermandar
Race Fire genasi
Gender Male
Character Class Sorcerer
Patron Deity Imix
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral Evil

Bsstian Thermandar is a fire genasi sorcerer. After murdering several high-ranking members of the Mercantile Alliance in Drakkengarde, he reportedly fled north toward Red Oak Village. Sergeant Colter of the city watch hired Drake Roxley to bring him to justice.

Drake's Company, as they came to be known, eventually discovered that Bastian was a member of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. Entering the cult's temple in an ancient, abandoned dwarven city, they found Bastian and captured him. They also found a letter from an individual with the codename of "Stormfront" who had earlier hired Bastian to kill the Mercantile Alliance members and now wished Bastian to kill Drake as well. The letter also implied that Bastian had been the assassin that killed Drake's family four years earlier. The party brought the captive Bastian to Drakkengarde, where the city guard promised to interrogate him thoroughly - both about his activity in Drakkengarde, and the contents of the letter. Drake also insisted that when Bastian's sentence was carried out, he be the one to swing the sword.

During the interrogation, Bastian revealed that Stormfront was a Varenese noble who had contracted him for several assassinations, including that of Drake's family, though they had never met face to face and he did not know his true identity. He also revealed much information about the four elemental cults operating in Orodeth, including their leaders and goals, in exchange for commuting his sentence of execution to life imprisonment. When Drake learned about the deal that had been struck, he denounced the worship of Bahamut, feeling that justice had failed him too many times.