Brokenstone Vale

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Brokenstone Vale is a region in the Feywild. There is a fey crossing here that connects to Wolfheart, but it is only open during the full moon.

Shortly after the Feywild's reconvergence, a group of werewolves crossed to Brokenstone Vale from Wolfheart and settled there. Their savagery sparked a war with the neighboring eladrin lords, but after five years of bloodshed the Court of Stars decided to allow them to remain.

In the year 2959, an eladrin named Querelian, still bitter over his wife's death during the War of the Pelt, attempted to frame the city of Mithrendain for the murder of the werewolves' lord, Viktor Mazan. He was thwarted in his plan by the Challengers of the Unspeakable; Viktor Mazan was saved and Mithrendain's forces took Querelian into their custody.