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The current campaign takes place in the year 2969; see calendar for more details. It will take place primarily in the nation of Palmheart.

Campaign rules

  • No point-buy. We’ll be kicking it old-school and rolling for stats and hit points.
  • Nearly all options from the PHB, the Elemental Evil online supplemental, the Sword Coast Adventurers’ Guide, and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything are acceptable, as well as the Cleric’s Death domain from the DMG, with the following exceptions:
    • The drow sub-race (PHB)
    • The duergar sub-race (Sword Coast)
    • The Uthgardt Barbarian background (Sword Coast)
    • The Whaterdhavian Noble background (Sword Coast)
    • The Healing Spirit spell (Xanathar)
  • The eladrin sub-race from the DMG is also available. If you don’t have the DMG, it’s an elven sub-race with the following traits:
    • Ability score increase: +1 Intelligence
    • Elf weapon training: Eladrn have proficiency with the longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow.
    • Fey Step: All eladrin can cast the Misty Step spell. Usage of this spell is regained after a short rest.
  • If you want to play a monstrous race from Volo’s Guide to Monsters, let me know and we can work something out storywise.
  • Two major deities not found in the PHB are Evening Glory and Nalindra; a full list of deities can be found at Deity. If there’s another deity you want to worship, let me know and we can work something out.

A brief history of Syra

Three thousand years ago, the world was embroiled in a conflict between Corellon and Lolth known as the Elf Wars. In the end, Lolth and the drow were sealed away in a prison at the far end of the world. Most of the high and wood elves, whose population had been decimated, withdrew to the island of Lorius and have lived in seclusion ever since. Empires rose and fell over the years, but two recent conflicts are particularly notable.

In the year 2929, a band of adventurers began traveling together. They would eventually become known as the Brightstone Heroes, and during their travels they foiled a plot by Lolth to break the seals on her prison and escape. The events surrounding Lolth’s plot, though, sparked a greater conflict: the Deity War. The death god Nerull sought to slay the other gods and claim their souls, thereby increasing his own power. The conflict raged for five years, and saw the deaths of several gods, but ultimately ended with Nerull’s destruction.

In the year 2959, another band of would-be heroes came together to stop a portal from being opened to the chaotic, nightmarish plane known as the Far Realm. Unfortunately, one of them – a human wizard named Tephra - decided to open the portal herself. Now the herald of the unspeakable horrors within, Tephra used the armies of aberrations now at her command to launch attacks all across Syra, all the while attempting to widen and stabilize the portal to allow the entry of a star spawn known as Allabar. Her former compatriots, calling themselves the Challengers of the Unspeakable, fought back. In the end, Tephra was killed, the portal was closed, and Allabar was bound within the Far Realm, never to escape again. Five years later, a group of adventurers known as Drake’s Company discovered that four elemental cults beneath the continent of Orodeth were attempting to summon powerful primordial beings into Syra. Though they attempted to stop them, they ultimately failed; the archomentals of earth and water briefly entered the world, shattering the continent. With the help of the Brightstone Heroes another band of adventurers known as Kazak’s Follies banished them back to the Elemental Chaos and saved the survivors of Drake’s Company, though Myra of the Brightstone Heroes perished in the final battle.

In 2968, resurrection spells began to fail across the world. The lich Leardon, ruler of Palmheart and member of the Brightstone Heroes, determined that it was related somehow to the Tomb of Horrors that had been cleared out nine years prior He asked the adventurers known as Garlond’s Garrotes to investigate, and they found the Tomb active once more. Though they defeated its master, the demilich Acererak, they were unable to ascertain what was causing resurrections to fail. Worse, they knew that Acererak’s demise was merely a temporary setback, and that he would soon return.

It is now the year 2969, and the time has come for new heroes to arise. Will you find a way to end the Death Curse? Or will you perish within the depths of the TOMB OF ANNIHILATION?


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