Catastrophic dragon

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Catastrophic Dragon.jpg

Catastrophic dragons are those dragons who have been completely consumed by the raging forces of the Elemental Chaos. Lacking true physical forms, they are less dragons and more like forces of nature, embodying the true unbridled fury of the elements. It is sometimes said that they are not even living creatures so much as a part of their environment, existing only to cause catastrophic destruction.

Even their young are not created through the mating and laying of eggs; catastrophic dragon eggs spontaneously arise amidst furious episodes of elemental upheaval (including the rampages of the dragons themselves). For instance, a particularly violent tempest might cause typhoon dragon eggs to appear out of the sand, and the ashes of a raging forest fire might give rise to wildfire dragon eggs. These eggs are extremely volatile and unstable (as well as exceedingly rare); if not handled carefully, they are prone to exploding, briefly creating a dangerous area of unrestrained elemental energy consistent with the type of dragon that was forming within.

Catastrophic dragon species

Each type of catastrophic dragon embodies a different form of elemental power. All of them are extremely powerful and prone to violence.