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Race Human
Gender Female
Character Class Samurai
Status Deceased

Chizu was a human samurai from Yung Shai who traveled with her good friend, Krom. While in the port town of Stark, they met up with a small band of adventurers and headed up to the town of Duvik to investigate a mysterious plague that had come upon the town. Together, they uncovered and slew the orcish cleric who had created the plague. Unbeknownst to them, in doing so they incurred the wrath of another cleric of Gruumsh, who summoned the Mortal Hunter to kill them in revenge.

Krom and Chizu left the group after arriving in the ruins of Rion and continued traveling together. Along the road to Elton they separated, with Chizu continuing on alone to the town. Chizu was not aware that the Mortal Hunter had killed Krom while they were separated, however, and so was taken by surprise when the Mortal Hunter, disguised as her old friend, stabbed her in the back upon meeting up with her in Elton.