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Chromatic dragons are one of the two main types of dragons. They see the mortal races in much the same way they see animals: as prey, or beasts of burden. In any event, they are lesser creatures, to be used and exploited as they deem fit. Greedy and rapacious, chromatic dragons tend to delight in tormenting their prey, and often enjoy the suffering of others. Many of them worship Tiamat, and share her passion for both wealth and vengeance. Those who slight a chromatic dragon do so at their own peril: they can be surprisingly patient creatures, and are perfectly willing to wait hundreds of years to exact the perfect revenge (and if the subject of their ire has died, they will not hesitate to destroy their descendants instead).

Chromatic dragon species

Major species

These are the most common species of chromatic dragon, and the ones most people think about when the term comes to mind:

Minor species

Though these species of chromatic dragon are far less common, they are no less deadly; they should be treated with just as much caution and respect as their more common cousins.