Cult of the Howling Hatred

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The Cult of the Howling Hatred is a group of fanatics and zealots who worship the primordial Yan-C-Bin, Prince of Evil Air. They cult was founded by an eladrin named Aerisi Kalinoth, who styled herself as a queen and the cultists as her subjects.

The Cult of the Howling Hatred believes that all the world's ills are caused by greed, addiction, and desire. They seek not only to purge themselves of these weaknesses by embracing the purity of air, but to purge the whole of Syra as well. The more devoted members abstain from food or drink of any kind, seeking to sustain themselves on air alone.

Though they maintain an outpost at Feathergale Spire, their base of operations is the Temple of the Howling Hatred within the ruins of an ancient dwarven city below Orodeth.

In 2965, Drake's Company entered the Temple of the Howling Hatred and killed Aerisi Kalinoth; the halfing bard Qwynn personally claimed Aerisi's spear, Windvane. With Aerisi's death, the knight Savra Belabrante took over leadership of the cult, sending out cultists to find and kill Drake's Company. A few months later, Drake's Company returned. Though the cultists were initially furious at them for killing their queen, Qwynn soon managed to convince some of them that, as the wielder of Windvane, she was the true chosen of Yan-C-Bin and rightful leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred. She and her companions were led down into the caverns below the temple, where they found Savra Belabrante standing before a portal into the Plane of Air. After a brief battle, Qwynn slew the knight and solidified her leadership over the cult.

Qwynn's brief rule ended the next day, when the Elder Elemental Eye dominated her through Windvane and commanded her to return to the portal and attempt to summon Yan-C-Bin. The rest of Drake's Company stopped her just in time, relieving her of the spear and and returning to Drakkengarde. A few weeks later, members of the Cult of the Black Earth swept through and slaughtered every remaining cultist they could find.