Dark Lady

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"The Dark Lady"
Race Shadow dragon
Gender Female
Status Alive

The Dark Lady is the title given to a shadow dragon lairing beneath the ruins of Rundarth Manor in Orodeth. Her true name is unknown. Though shadow dragons are known to be evil, the Dark Lady does not generally attack the people of Orodeth; her preference is simply to be left alone, and the Mercantile Alliance is content to grant her wish.

In 2965, elemental cultists approached the Dark Lady requesting an alliance; she devoured several of them and sent the rest to tell their masters the price of disturbing her. The Mercantile Alliance saw them leaving and, mistaking their survival for success, sent Drake's Company to ensure she was not allying with the cultists. Appearing as a female drow, she exchanged information for several minutes before abruptly telling them to leave as they were no longer useful to her alive; they quickly obeyed.