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Map of the Deadlands

The Deadlands is a region in southwestern Palmheart. It radiates out from what was once the Estorian capital of Derenath, around 125 to 140 miles in all directions. This region was the focal point of Tephra's Far Realm invasion, and as such is heavily corrupted not only by the energies of the Far Realm, but by the Abyssal taint of her demonic armies - the latter amplified by the fact that the demon lord Orcus briefly set foot on the Material Plane here before his demise at the hands of the Challengers of the Unspeakable.

An unknowable number of demons, undead, and aberrations wander throughout the Deadlands, and as the region's size makes extermination unfeasible, Leardon Sunflare has instead opted for a policy of containment. To this end, forces from Palmheart and nearby Estorium - and even paladins of Pelor from Edras - guard the border to ensure these creatures to not escape into the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the size of the Deadlands also makes it impossible to fully control its perimeter, so these guardians are primarily stationed where the Deadlands borders Palmheart along Drylin's Run.

Few individuals who have entered the Deadlands - living or undead - have ever returned. Those who have spoke of strange lights glowing in impossible colors; streams of blue fire whipping across the landscape; living plants and animals rapidly decaying and crumbling into dust; and of a terrible, oppressive feeling like an overwhelming evil presence pressing down on their minds.

Despite the fact that Tephra's portal to the Far Realm was permanently sealed, and that her Abyssal gateways were closed, the Deadlands continues to grow, slowly but steadily, with every passing year. Thus far its expansion has halted at the banks of Drylin's Run, but many wonder whether this will continue to hold true in the future.