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The Great Traveler, The Seeker of the Hidden, The Grand Master Tomb-Raider
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral

Del'Braeth is the god of discovery and exploration. His domains are knowledge and trickery. His symbol is an unfurled treasure map. He exhorts his followers to always take the road less-traveled, to learn what mysteries lie beyond, and teaches that the greatest joy is in the accumulation of new knowledge and experiences. However, he also urges his more adventurous followers to seek out the lost and hidden places of the world, for therein may be found not only knowledge but wealth. Such treasures are often seen by his followers as a divine reward for braving mortal danger in pursuit of discovery. Del'Braeth actively encourages tomb raiding, and even theft is not frowned upon when done in the name of acquiring new knowledge. It is rumored that he was once a mortal who found the secret of divinity while exploring a long-forgotten ruin, and many who follow him pray that they too will discover the means to ascend to godhood themselves.

His worshipers consist largely of adventurers and a not-insignificant number of thieves. His teachings of delving deep in search of ancient ruins and lore also appeals to a number of gnomes and dwarves, while many halflings find favor with his emphasis on new experiences.