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Race Human
Gender Female
Character Class Fighter
Status Alive
Alignment Unaligned

Denva is a human fighter and former member of the Stormcrows mercenary band. When the Stormcrows were hired to find the Tear of Boccob, they discovered that it had been corrupted by the Far Realm. While the Tear's powers twisted and corrupted her comrades, Denva largely managed to resist its effects; she retained most of her sanity, and the only physical transformation she suffered was a thin layer of ooze coating her skin.

When the Challengers of the Unspeakable attacked the tower where the Tear was kept, they saw the horror in her eyes at what had happened to her fellow mercenaries and spared her life, instead taking her back to the temple of Ioun in the town of Wellspring. She is currently being treated by the temple's wizards, who are attempting to reverse the aberrant corruption that afflicts her.