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Red, Copper, Brass, White, and Black dragons
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, and Green dragons

Dragons are winged, reptilian creatures sometimes claimed to be descended from the primordials themselves. Dragons are extremely intelligent apex predators that can grow to enormous sizes and are adept at wielding magic. The oldest of dragons (and they can live to be quite old, even by the reckoning of the longest-lived mortal races) are among the most powerful beings on Syra.

Types of dragons

There are two primary types of dragons: chromatic dragons, and metallic dragons. Chromatic dragons are typically evil, tyrannical conquerors that delight in the pain and suffering of others. Metallic dragons typically strive to live virtuously and avoid causing undue harm to others. There are, of course, always exceptions.

Other types of dragons include planar dragons (species that have evolved and adapted to other planes), catastrophic dragons (species that have been warped by the Elemental Chaos into creatures of pure, unbridled elemental fury), and gem dragons (species created through an Estorian breeding project to battle aberrations).

A related variety known as the lung dragons can be found in Yung Shai, where they are both feared and revered for their power and wisdom.