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Dwarves are one of the more populous races in Syra. Though most dwarves live within kingdoms comprised primarily of their own kind, a significant number live among the other races. These dwarves are often employed for their exceptional building and architectural skills - skills that are matched only by their prowess at blacksmithing and metalcrafting.

While even the tallest of dwarves struggles to come within even a few inches of five feet, they are so broad and sturdy that they can easily weigh more than a human, and have the strength and fortitude to match.

Some of the most prominent mountain dwarven kingdoms can be found beneath and within the Iron Crags. Hill dwarf kingdoms are less common, but there is a substantial population in the region of Orodeth. One notable dwarven city is Silverstone; originally founded as part of a trade alliance between the human kingdom of Tromanyth and the dwarven city of Feldran, after both were destroyed Silverstone flourished as an independent city. Even three hundred years later, Dwarves still make up close to half the population.