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Race Drow (lich)
Gender Female
Lifespan Destroyed 2966
Character Class Cleric
Patron Deity Kiaransalee
Status Deceased

Eclavdra is a drow priestess of Kiaransalee and a lich. She was responsible for raising the fire giant king Snurre as a death knight, bringing them into an alliance with the drow and other giant clans in order to lay waste to the surrounding regions. As part of a plan to summon Kiaransalee, she intended to sacrifice a number of elves as well as an empyrean, Demitrius. Her plans were thwarted ultimately when her body was destroyed by the Demitrius, freed by Garland's Garrotes during their assault on the fire giants. Though the rest of the drow attempted to flee into the Underdark with her phylactery - a necklace of dark metal set with a purple gemstone - Garland intercepted and killed the drow carrying it and hurled the phylactery into a river of lava.