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Race Black dragon
Gender Male
Lifespan Died 2931
Status Deceased

Eilorixx was a black dragon living in the Dragon Lands. When followers of the dracolich Sinianth located their master's phylactery, Eilorixx became incredibly paranoid that they intended to use his body to resurrect Sinianth. He used a good portion of his hoard to pay other chromatic dragons for a variety of traps, spells, and artifacts to protect his lair from both divination and intrusion, and spend most of his days utterly terrified that Sinianth's minions would come to kill him. In the end, however, it was not the minions of Sinianth but the Brightstone Heroes who entered his lair, seeking information about the disappearance of the body of an aspect of Bahamut. Believing the heroes to be the very people he feared were coming for him, he attacked them and, when it became clear he would not survive the encounter, bit a staff of power in half, vaporizing himself in the ensuing explosion.