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Slender and graceful, elves are not entirely a part of the world in which they live. Created by the god Corellon Larethian, they flourished for many centuries. However, when the goddess Lolth grew jealous of Corellon's creations, she corrupted many of them into dark elves known as the drow in an act which started the devastating Elf Wars. Over the course of the fighting, most of the elven cities on Syra were destroyed, and many elves fled into the Feywild. When the Feywild became disjointed from the Material Plane, those elves who were trapped there eventually became the eladrin.

When the Elf Wars ended, most of the surviving elves retreated to their last major settlement, the isle of Lorius, and few have left since. Though it is not rare for elves to be found throughout the rest of the world, as there are a handful of elven settlements outside Lorius, it is still generally considered to be an unusual sight, especially if they have established themselves in towns and cities away from their people.

Most of the elves on Lorius are high elves, and do not take kindly to visitors; though there is a port for trade, outsiders are not allowed beyond its walls without an escort (and rarely even with one) under penalty of death. There is also a high elven settlement known as Celandia in the Zellanis Woods of Orodeth; while they similarly distrust outsiders within their territory, they are more willing to deal with them without, and generally less hostile (though just as haughty) as their Lorian cousins.

Most other elven settlements outside Lorius are made up of wood elves, who are generally more amenable to the non-elven races.