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Race Dragonborn
Gender Female
Lifespan 2939 - 2959
Character Class Battlemind
Status Presumed deceased
Alignment Lawful Good

Elytra is a dragonborn battlemind/warden and a follower of Nalindra. Her scales are a silvery-blue color, and she looks somewhat different, more bear-like, than the average dragonborn.

She is a very large, defendery character, though she focuses more on brutally bashing evildoers with her mace than protecting her allies. She deals frost damage by way of frozen whetstones and her natural frost breath, causing cold vulnerability that works well with Chrip's frost magic.


In the winter of 2939 in a small village in the Free Cities, dragonborn twins hatched with scales of frosty bluish silver. One was named Elytra, and the other, Alae.

An ancient prophecy told of the two silver dragonborn. Many of the details of this prophecy had been lost to time, but one thing was clear: one of the two would die to protect the other from a great evil. In an attempt to protect them both, they were separated from each other soon after their hatching and taken to distant lands.

Elytra was trained in the ways of the psionic battlemind. On her fifteenth birthday, she willingly completed a ritual to tie her spirit to that of a polar bear in order to further increase her endurance and combat ability. She then left her teachers to travel the world.

After almost five years of living in the wilderness, only occasionally returning to town to restock on supplies, Elytra found herself in the midst of the Battle of Silverstone. Her strong sense of justice made her unable to resist joining the battle against the Far Realm, so she joined forces with the Challengers of the Unspeakable to protect the city, and then dedicated herself to hunting down the evil forces threatening the world, later joining the Order of the Topaz Crusaders.

At Rathna, the Challengers defeated the corrupted paladin of Nalindra, Gryff. Upon observing Nalindra's power firsthand when she saved Gryff's soul and cleansed an entire city of undead, Elytra was instantly converted to worshipping Nalindra. From that point on, she would wield Gryff's mace and armor as symbols of her faith.

After escaping from the Pyramid of Shadows, the party ventured to the Iron Crags to recruit the Iron Skull barbarians to help save the world, only to find that their leader, Torgar Beornagar, had been killed in a frost giant attack. Their new leader was none other than Alae. The two brawled to test their strength, and Alae was the victor, but was impressed at her sister's ability. She agreed to join the cause if the party would recover Torgar's axe from the nearby frost giants.

On the way to the frost giants, the party encountered a dying silver dragon who asked them to save her children, kidnapped by the frost giants. After sneaking through to the treasure room and defeating the frost giant leader, they found one left alive: an injured silver dragon named Kairothrax. The party rescued him and returned to Alae with the axe.

Kairothrax joined the party for a time as Elytra's mount and companion. Unfortunately, he was completely obliterated when the party encountered a living sphere of annihilation on the way to recovering Lifecutter, the Scythe of Nerull.

During the final battle to close the Far Realm portal, the enormous Far Realm entity Allabar retreated from the portal in order to recover for another assault. At that point, Allabar had merged with the portal, and it would be impossible to close without embedding the four magical relics in its flesh. Elytra grabbed the relics (Lifecutter, Farbane, the sword of Corellon, and her own mace blessed by Nalindra) and leaped through the portal, completing the ritual and closing the portal for good.

With that, Elytra's destiny was complete, for she had sacrificed herself to save not only her sister, but the rest of the world as well.

The Prophecy

Originally, it was believed that there were only two stanzas to the prophecy. Within the lair of the silver dragon Orantis, however, a stone plaque was discovered that bore a longer version, revealing that what was previously thought to be the entirety of the prophecy was merely the first and last stanzas.

As spiders weave, the shadow falls
And dead gods will we mourn
Within the land of cities free
Shall silver twins be born

But through deception and half-truths
Shall they be split in twain
For only through their broken bond
Can the world be safe again

By frost and fist and steel and spells
The one shall find her way
While blood and rage in snowy peaks
Led the other one away

In ancient land they’ll reunite
While the world holds its breath
Their mind and muscle combined to fight
The shadow beyond death

As chaos looms they’ll battle foes
With all that they can give
But one must sacrifice herself
That the other one may live