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Emperor of Winter
Race Kercpa (Archfey)
Gender Male
Character Class Sorcerer
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Chrip is a kercpa sorcerer with a mastery over cold and storms. Chrip loves harmless pranks and stealing things just for the challenge. That is what landed him in the company of the Challengers of the Unspeakable (he still doesn't understand this name as they seem to do quite a bit of speaking). His sense of humor got him into a bit of trouble with a certain humorless Prince. Before he knew it, he was caught and kicked through a portal to the wasteland where he met the adventurers while he was trying to get past some boring, old man with a funny stick.

Chrip carries a staff, though it is far shorter than it was originally, and a spellbook that he snatched from an old wizard (that wizard is now running around using some minor lord's accounting book as his spellbook and not understanding why his magic has failed him). Chrip didn't know a thing about magic when he stole it, but through trial and error has figured out how to cast spells.

Chrip's Journal (or How to Make Friends and Influence Demons)

Hanging out with adventurers is hazardous to one's health! Not more than a day with these strangers and I nearly died!! At first I thought this would be a lark. There was a funny bug thing called Kalth who seemed to delight in my tales of thievery and pranks and we were going on an adventure to raid some guy named Orcus' temple. Little did I know I'd be dragged across a desert (I hate sand!) and come a little too close to my own demise against some wizard with a serious grudge against people on her bridge. Thankfully, it seems these adventurers are also willing to bring me back from death, should I fall into a bad situation. Note to self: Stand behind the bug thing...way behind.

We're doing well! Since I have been staying behind Kalth I haven't died! I hate to jinx my squirrely nature, but I haven't been hit nearly as much since I let the bigger, metal-y guys stand in front. I even got to put my charismatic nature to the test! I successfully negotiated the exchange of some very magic stones for a nice lady who seems to be a friend of the party. I do wonder if I shouldn't have stolen the stones back after we traded, because the mean lady vanished soon after and left the poor captive stuck in a big, red crystal. Oooo! If only I could have fit THAT in my bag of holding. Such a treasure....a treasure fit for a prince! Near the end of our battle with the giant nasties, they stuck me in the crystal. Well, that would have been nice except that it was really hot! This squirrel is NOT a desert squirrel. No, I longed for my wintery feywilds while stuck in that accursed thing. That thought alone (well, that and a bit of squirrel magic) is what gave me the strength to break free of the crystal before the rest of the group knew what I was doing! No magic prison can hold me!!! Hmm..I wonder if that's why the Prince of Frost kicked me here instead of putting me in his dungeon. So we saved this lady, Myra, I think she is called, and were on our way to her home via a portal when something went wrong. I had to have them explain this whole portal thing to me a few times (must remember to steal a "linked portal" spell as soon as possible) but the young man who came through after we sent Myra back told us there was trouble and the mean lady we just finished dealing with was now laying waste to Myra's magic school. I guess that's where we're off to next. Ooh! Maybe they'll have spells they can teach me...or I can steal.