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The Night Dragon, The Reaver, The Death Wyrm
Race Deity
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral Evil

Falazure is the draconic god of decay, undeath, and exhaustion. His domain is death. His symbol is the skull of a black dragon. Falazure teaches his followers that the draconic lifespan, while very long, is ultimately finite, and the only true path to immortality is through undeath. It is generally believed that the dracolich ritual ultimately originated with Falazure.

Falazure is arrogant, fatalistic, and proud. He is slow to anger, though only because he slowly nurses grudges for any slight made against him until they become burning hatreds. When Bahamut's realm of Celestia was invaded during the Deity War, Falazure infamously tried to convince many of his draconic followers to join him in undeath rather than die needlessly for the Platinum Dragon. Less well known is that a few of them actually agreed.