Feathergale Society

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Feathergale Spire, the headquarters of the Feathergale Society.

The Feathergale Society is a group of knights operating out of Orodeth. They patrol on the backs of giant vultures that have been trained as mounts, and have a small number of hippogriffs as well. They were founded in 2954 by Thurl Merosska, a former knight of Drakkengarde who gathered a number of aerial enthusiasts together to protect the skies of Orodeth.

At some point, members of the Cult of the Howling Hatred in the service of Aerisi Kalinoth joined the Feathergale Society. Chief among these recruits was a zealous young woman named Savra Belabrante. These recruits told Thurl Merosska about the glories of the "Great Cloud" who claimed dominion over the skies, and in time turned the knights to the worship of the primordial Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Air.

In 2964, Drake's Company visited Feathergale Spire after finding a dead Feathergale knight. Thrul Merosska welcomed them warmly, and Drake Roxley told them of their encounters with the Cult of the Black Earth and their hunt for the criminal Bastian Thermandar. Merosska allowed them to stay the night within the tower, but during the night Savra convinced him that their opposition to the Cult of the Black Earth--and to Bastian, known to her as a member of the Cult of the Eternal Flame--would eventually bring them into conflict with the servants of Yan-C-Bin. Though Merosska attempted to have them thrown off the top of the tower, Drake's Company fought back fiercely. Many of the knights were killed in the ensuing battle, including Thurl Merosska. Savra Belabrante took the survivors to the Temple of the Howling Hatred, fully integrating them into the cult.