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Race Half-orc
Gender Male
Character Class Rogue
Status Alive

Garland is a half-orc rogue from Orodeth. He accompanied the adventurers who would come to be known as Garland's Garrotes on a mission to root out a massing of hill giants.

While sneaking through the giants' stronghold, Garland came across a group of orc slaves forced to work in the kitchens. After a brief suggestion that perhaps the giants would not be in power much longer, Garland and his companions left to slay the giant chieftain. While they rested after their battle, they were approached by several dozen orcs. Garland told them that the heroes had taken him prisoner and killed the giant chieftain; to his surprise, the orcs praised them for slaying the giants and demanded Garland's release. Ru Bae Ya, who did not speak orcish and thus did not understand the preceding conversation, was baffled by their assertion that they release Garland until Karriss Kellson, thinking quickly, explained that there had been a misunderstanding, that Garland had already been freed from the giants and contrary to Garland's prior assumption wasn't actually their prisoner.

With the misunderstandings cleared up, Garland agreed to free the hundreds of other orcish slaves held by the giants. The band made good on Garland's word, and the half-orc was hailed by the newly-freed orcs as The Liberator.