Garland's Garrotes

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Garland's Garrotes was a group of adventurers who banded together to fight off giants who were raiding in the wake of the Shattering of Orodeth.


Current members

Former members

  • Valmyze - Female dragonborn fighter. Joined after her last adventuring company was slaughtered by frost giants.
  • Zook - Male gnome ranger. Despises giants, left when they allied with Grimhildr.


  • Hired in Northeron to kill giants.
  • Infiltrate, assassinate, find Sasha.
  • Find a mysterious letter from Eclavdra.
  • Garland suggests to orc slaves that the time for rebellion is at hand.
  • Big battle, chieftain and his mate and her other bear die.
  • Cloud giant turned into hamster, taken out of fortress.
  • Kitchen slaves rise up, find heroes, ask what they're doing.
  • Garland pretends to be their prisoner.
  • Orcs demand Garland's release.
  • Quick thinking and talking, convince orcs that Garland was already freed.
  • Heroes agree to liberate other orcs, Garland "decides to accompany them."
  • Stone giants hired for a job, leave now that chieftain is dead.
  • More giants killed.
  • More orcs liberated.
  • Creepy shrine avoided.
  • Find a map to frost giants and a teleportation object.
  • Find an intelligent greatsword named Waythe that wants to kill giants.
  • Karriss reports back to Northeron.
  • Teleport to frost giants, find Valmyze.
  • More infiltration and assassination.
  • Accidentally stumble upon white dragons.
  • Karriss returns, Valmyze leaves.
  • Kill dragons, kill lots more giants.
  • Fight a shai man who makes reference to Ya's brother.
  • Find Grimhildr, Zook leaves.
  • Karriss kills jarl with Waythe.