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Genasi are the offspring, or descendents of the offspring, of a mortal and an elemental - usually a genie. There are several different types of genasi, depending on their elemental parentage. The most common are earthsoul, firesoul, stormsoul, watersoul, and windsoul genasi, although other varieties have been known to exist on occasion.

Genasi rarely have contact with their elemental ancestors, who tend to view their kindship as a mere accident of birth. In areas where genasi are rare, they generally find themselves outcast due to their eerie appearance and natural elemental powers. They are more accepted in areas where they are more common - such as Estorium and Orodeth - but it is still not unusual for them to be targets of bigotry and mistrust. A few genasi have managed to rise to high stations, either through working hard to prove themselves or by finding places in which elemental power is revered or respected, but this is rare.

Many genasi return to the Elemental Chaos, though even there they still face prejudice for their mortal heritage.