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Race Doppelganger
Gender N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Unaligned

Gix is a doppelganger mercenary who hires himself out to clients who want him to impersonate other individuals. He has few scruples about who he impersonates or why, or even whether the person is still alive, but maintains a strong sense of professionalism: he prides himself on a job well done, and refuses to accept money to turn against a client... At least, not until his contract is complete.

Known jobs

In 2959, Gix was hired by Theriana to impersonate the wizard, Jorlin, so that she could obtain some items in his possession without his companions knowing they had been taken. After Jorlin's assassination, Gix took his form and claimed to have survived, then asked the Challengers of the Unspeakable to escort him to an area he claimed was safe from the drow. Once the Challengers left, he returned to Theriana and maintained the ruse by constantly checking in with them via a sending stone. When they eventually learned of his deception and confronted them, he complimented himself on having successfully impersonated Jorlin for a week and a half.