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Goliaths are tall mountain-dwelling nomads, distantly related to giants. Unlike their violent cousins, however, goliaths are relatively peaceful, and are known to occasionally come down from their mountains to trade. The goliaths of the Iron Crags have a particularly healthy relationship with the various dwarf clans in the area, and it is not entirely uncommon to see a goliath trader or two in Silverstone.

Goliaths are highly competitive, and while they are usually good-natured they can be very hard on themselves when they fail to live up to expectations. This can often lead them to be foolhardy and reckless in trying to one-up themselves by any means necessary. Goliaths rarely live among other races, but it is not entirely uncommon for individual goliaths to travel among them. Though they are usually treated with respect, most also view them with a certain degree of wariness; to the common folk, there is little difference between a goliath and a giant.