Gurrard Snevilin

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Gurrard Snevilin
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Character Class Wizard
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral Good

Gurrard Snevilin is a gnomish spellthief dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. He was rescued by the Brightstone Heroes from a mind flayer's lair after an Underdark expedition gone wrong. He subsequently joined the group, providing stealth and arcane support, shortly before their trip to the south pole.

He traveled with the group as they traversed the desert, reached the fort at the south pole, joined a meeting with the gods, and infiltrated Lolth's prison. Along the way, he sold history records from a long-lost empire to a sage, opened diplomacy with the asherati, met a gnomish vampire scholar named Ellywick, and was impressed by Bahamut. For his services to the gods, Gurrard received a floating island home.

After Lolth was reimprisoned, he helped the group take down a Bahamut avatar gone mad for the Church of the Platinum Dragon. In the process, he looked for a draconic housemate for his island.

He currently lives on his floating island with a dragon, traveling around the world to catalog the changes after the recent war. He has taken an asherati apprentice, whose duties largely include organizing the vast collection of materials bequeathed to him by the late scholar Kheti. Gurrard is in an on-off relationship with Ellywick.

In 2959, when Myra was captured by Theriana, Priam went with Leardon to a frost giant settlement to rescue her. Unfortunately, this proved to be a trap and the pair were captured by the drow and taken to the halls of the fire giant king Snurre. Gurrard and Tol rescued Priam, but Gurrard and Priam were trapped by Theriana in the Pyramid of Shadows almost immediately thereafter. Trying to find their way out, they entered a room containing a small rift into the Far Realm. The rift created a vortex of energy that pulled Priam in and trapped him; Gurrard was captured by a necromancer while looking for a way to rescue Priam, but was ultimately rescued by the Challengers of the Unspeakable.

He has since departed on a journey across Syra to write the most comprehensive history of the world to date.