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Half-orcs are people with both human and orcish heritage, giving them grayish skin, prominent foreheads, jaws, and tusks, and large bodies; half-orcs often tower above all but the largest humans. While many half-orcs are born from other half-orc parents, those with human and orcish parents are usually born of violence. Whatever their lineage, they tend to be hot-tempered and easily angered. On the other hand, they are also prone to raucous celebration and extreme passion.

Half-orcs often find acceptance difficult; humans tend to view them as dumb brutes prone to fits of rage, and orcs tend to view them as weak. Some half-orcs have risen to prominence in their societies, though half-orcs leading orcish tribes are far more common than half-orc leaders of human towns. Many simply strike off on their own, eschewing both bloodlines in favor of whatever fate they can make for themselves. Mercenary companies frequently hire such half-orcs, as they have few existing ties and make strong fighters.