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Not quite as good as wholelings.

Halflings are one of the more common races to see in Syra, behind humans and dwarves. Despite their small stature - they stand about three feet tall and often weigh less than 50 lbs. - their personalities can surpass any of the largest races. They see the world with eyes of wonder, maintaining an almost constantly cheery disposition (occasionally to the immense irritation of more stoic "tallfolk"). They love to experience new things - especially food - and make friends easily. It is rare to meet a halfling that isn't unfailingly optimistic.

Though there are a number of halfling towns and villages scattered about Syra, there are no halfling kingdoms or even large governing bodies; they rarely care much about what goes on beyond their own borders, and consider their local communities to be of greater import than far-removed settlements. Though there is little to no sense of nobility, they have great respect for their elders, and especially their own family members.

A significant number of halflings live alongside humans, dwarves, and other races in more metropolitan settlements, and feelings of wanderlust are common - not surprising for a people that loves new experiences. Some halflings are hardier and somewhat burlier than others. It is rumored that these "stout" halflings, as they are known, have some dwarven blood; as most are found near major dwarven cities, this rumor is likely to have some truth to it.