Halls of Asar

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Halls of Asar.jpg

The Halls of Asar are the fortress of the Asar clan of fire giants. Long led by the fearsome king Snurre, they frequently raided nearby villages until Snurre was slain by Leardon Sunflare and raised into undeath. Leardon then installed him as a puppet leader of his former kin, keeping the giants contained for several years. After the Shattering of Orodeth, Leardon commanded Snurre to travel west and provide aid in the aftermath of the calamity. Shortly after leaving the halls, they were set upon by silver dragons and destroyed.

The Asar fire giants were relatively quiet following their king's destruction, until the drow Eclavdra raised Snurre once more as a death knight. The skeletal king quickly took back his throne and, burning with hatred for the heroes who enslaved him, eagerly allied himself with the drow and local clans of hill and frost giants to wage war on the smallfolk of Orodeth and the Dragon Lands.

When Garland's Garrotes discovered that the fire giants were active once more under a new king, they stormed the Halls of Asar where Grimhildr destroyed Snurre yet again. The heroes then freed the fire giant Boldo, who had been imprisoned for calling Snurre an unnatural abomination and speaking out against his plans of warfare. While the heroes dealt with Eclavdra and the drow, Boldo took Snurre's throne for himself.