Harg Dragonslayer

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Harg Dragonslayer
Harg Dragonslayer.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Lifespan 2066-2101
Character Class Barbarian
Status Deceased
Alignment Chaotic Good

Harg Dragonslayer was a barbarian from the Dragon Lands. After growing up under the tyrannical rule of dragons, Harg decided to free his people from their grip. As he slew the dragons who ruled over them, he earned the name Harg Dragonslayer. His followers grew in number over the years as he delivered more and more territory from draconic rule. Harg ultimately died slaying the red dragon Verothrax. At his funeral pyre, his best friend, Tarn, took the name Hargrave and formed the kingdom of Hargram in his honor.