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Map of Hargram
Map of Hargram

Hargram is a predominately human kingdom to the northeast of Orodeth. It is ruled by the Hargrave dynasty from their seat at Hargrave Keep. They are one of the Mercantile Alliance's major trading partners.


Once a part of the Dragon Lands, the region was ruled over by several tyrannical chromatic dragons. Eventually, a barbarian warlord named Harg rose up and slew his draconic overlord, earning the name Harg Dragonslayer. Harg began a crusade to rid the region of dragons, his followers growing with every territory he reclaimed. When Harg died killing the vicious red dragon Vaerthorax, it appeared that his crusade was at an end. His closest friend, Tarn, declared at Harg's funeral pyre that he would unite the freed people as a nation to defend the land that Harg had won with his life. As a final honor to the hero, Tarn took the name Hargrave and named his kingdom Hargram.