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JavaScript allows site administrators to customize a wiki, or other website, in many ways. JavaScript code cannot be directly embedded into a page (<script type="text/javascript"><!-- ... --></script>), but instead an admin must define per-page specific JS at either on MediaWiki:Common.js or on MediaWiki:Skinname.js (replacing skinname with the current skin's name, e.g Monobook is MediaWiki:Monobook.css). It is usually best to use Common.js, as any JavaScript in that page will be applied no matter what skin a person is using.

Many default features are JavaScript based, such as the pop-up login window, dismiss button on site-wide notice, search suggestions, edit toolbar on edit view and so on.

The JavaScript in MediaWiki:Global.js is the global JavaScript for all ShoutWiki sites on every page load, no matter what skin is used. MediaWiki:Global.js can only be edited by ShoutWiki Staff.

If you need help in using JavaScript with your wiki site, please contact ShoutWiki's Customer Support Team.

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