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The Jester, the Keeper of Tales
Race Deity
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Alignment Chaotic Good

Hlal is the draconic god of humor, storytelling, and inspiration. Her domain is trickery. His symbol is an open book. The most friendly of the draconic deities toward non-dragons, Hlal enjoyed stories and songs of all kinds, regardless of the race of the teller or listener. As she had little patience for tyrants, and none at all for cruelty or bullying, she immediately joined the Deity War once Nerull's goals became clear. Eventually, she and Bahamut launched a joint attack against Nerull, accompanied by their exarchs and hundreds of metallic dragons. Unfortunately, the attack was a colossal failure; they were soundly defeated by Nerull's minions, and Hlal was killed by Nerull himself.