Honeysuckle Bree

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Honeysuckle Bree
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Lifespan Born 2915
Character Class Rogue
Patron Deity Zilchus
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral

The Duchess Honeysuckle Bree is a Halfling woman of great beauty and charm. She is a political refugee from the Duchy of Nord, Varen. She is widowed to Duke Ferrel Bree. They have a son, Wilton Bree whose health and location is unknown.

Duchess Bree has worked as an independent agent for a number of organizations, churches and nations. It is known that just after the Shattering of Orodeth, she was a member of Kazak's Follies adventuring company. Recent rumors have her in Estorium investigating the cause of failed resurrection spells plaguing Syra.

There is a sizable reward for her capture and safe return to Varen.