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The Flaming Sea
Race Primordial
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Hoshotath is an ancient primordial who wields the powers of fire and water. Millennia ago he was bound outside the world. His prison was comprised of eight pillars and a series of powerful runes. Recently, a group of bandits were led to his prison by Tephra, where their leader, a runepriest, unbound the runes and began weakening the runic seals on the pillars. When he realized what was really happening he tried to stop, but was killed by Tephra, who completed the unbinding herself just as the Challengers of the Unspeakable arrived to stop her.

Though Tephra succeeded in opening Hoshotath's prison, Nuraya managed to reseal it before he could fully manifest. Though five of the eight pillars were destroyed in the few minutes he was free, it appears that the remaining three will be sufficient to keep him contained.