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Humans are the most numerous race on Syra, occupying nearly every region of the world. While there is no one skill that humans can be said to be particularly good at, they are extremely versatile and adaptable, capable of mastering nearly anything given enough time, should they devote sufficient focus to it. Despite their relatively short lives in comparison to elves, dwarves, and even halflings, the greatest wizards and warriors that humanity has produced often rival those of longer-lived races.

While there are numerous human ethnicities, drawn from a variety of kingdoms from all corners of Syra, they are all remarkably similar, differing largely in minor ways. Their lack of significant racial differences is more than made up by their considerable variation, though; humans display an enormous variety of physical diversity in their skin, eye, and hair color, as well as their height. In addition, their different kingdoms can have vastly different cultures, varying wildly in clothing, cuisine, architecture, and music.

Ethnicities include the Phareen (from the Pharis Imperium), the Shai (from Yung Shai), and the Estorians (from Estorium).