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Ironfang is a magical war pick. Little is known of it, but it is believed to contain a spark of the primordial Ogrémoch.


It is unknown who forged Ironfang, or when, but it ultimately found its way into the hands of Marlos Urnrayle, prophet of the Cult of the Black Earth who used it to create a portal to the Plane of Earth and summon Ogrémoch into Syra. After Marlos was slain by Kazak, Leardon struck the portal with Ironfang; doing so immediately closed the portal and caused Ironfang to crumble into rust and disintegrate.


Ru Bae Ya performed a divination on Ironfang. This divination resulted in the following prophecy:

The lord of earth and stone awaits
A mortal who will challege the fates
From iron forged a sharpened key
Below the ground where none can see
A monument of shifting stone
Serves not as an earthen throne
The gate, in time, the key unlocks
Let all men fear: the mountain walks