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Race Human
Gender Male
Character Class Wizard
Status Deceased
Alignment Good

Jorlin is a middle-aged human wizard from Silverstone. A professor of divination at the Trine Academy, he is extremely adept at divination magic but has little practical skill with offensive spells. He is, however, one of the best magical researchers the Academy has.

When the Challengers of the Unspeakable brought Acererak's soul gems and the heart of the aberration Shoth-Gorag to the Academy, Jorlin was put in charge of researching how to utilize them to close the portal to the Far Realm that Tephra had opened in Estorium. His research hit a dead end, however, and he concluded that he would need to travel to Estorium to be closer to the portal's energies in order to effectively discover how to utilize the artifacts against it.

The Challengers of the Unspeakable escorted him to the Brightstone Heroes' outpost in Terastra; their trip happened to coincide with an attack by demons, and they witnessed firsthand Jorlin's ineffectiveness in combat. Later, after the drow attacked Terastra in an attempt to steal the soul gems, Jorlin asked the Challengers to escort him once again, this time to an Estorian ruin he had located that was protected by a number of wards to keep him hidden and safe. Though the ruin had become the lair of the orium dragon Zanathakla, the dragon agreed to protect Jorlin in exchange for the wizard's aid in cataloging Zanathakla's artifacts. Jorlin later confirmed through scrying that Harthur had died in the Abyss and his sword, Nightbringer, had been claimed by a powerful demon.

The Challengers later discovered, however, that Jorlin had not survived the drow's attack; they had assassinated him and replaced him with the doppelganger, Gix, who delivered the soul gems to Theriana at the earliest opportunity.