Justin Oakenleaf

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Justin Oakenleaf
Race Human
Gender Male
Lifespan Born 2908
Character Class Cleric
Patron Deity Heironeous
Status Unknown

Born and raised in the worst part of the port city of Stark, Justin's mother died when he was five and his father was unknown. After his mother died he was raised in a very poor and shady orphanage. Lack of food made him turn into a small-time thief until he ran into a bit of a problem when he was 14.

He had gotten in trouble with the local guild of thieves in that area and was cornered in a alley way behind one of the more local bars. Their bashers had been ordered by their boss to off him if he didn't pay up with all his 'findings' as the boy preferred to call it. He was about near death from the bludgeonings when he was saved by a cleric from the order of Heironeous.

In the end the priest had saved Justin not out of a particular reason except his ability that the priest saw only a glimpse of when he was walking by. The priest offered him a chance to be a cleric of his order, the boy who had been a small-time thief most of his life took the offer from the man who had saved his life. He moved away from the port city and was trained to become a cleric.

Justin learned quickly even for a beginner, punished for his misdeeds and rewarded for his astounding achievements. He was not liked at all by the townspeople and the attendants who kept the place of worship clean. Justin finally was promoted to the position of cleric after 5 years of training, most took it as a disgrace to the clergy and had tried many times to get him exiled. Through these endeavors he had prevailed, he traveled for a bit on holy business earning him the small amount of respect he had deserved.

A few months after he had turned 21 he headed back towards his home, the port city of stark, looking for a way to prove to the clergy and to himself that he had gained the position of cleric rightfully.