Karriss Kellson

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Karriss Kellson
Race Human
Gender Male
Character Class Fighter
Status Alive
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Karriss Kellson is a human male from Orodeth. He is a Sergeant in the Mercantile Alliance marines. After the shattering of Orodeth, he was ordered to hire and lead a strike force to root out a massing of hill giants in the mountains. The strike against the hill giants was successful, freeing many slaves and prisoners. The group also acquired the intelligent greatsword, Waythe which Sergeant Kellson took into his possession.

With the strike completed, Sergeant Kellson was recalled back to Northeron while the group he formed continued and became known as Garland's Garrotes.

Due to troubling information gleaned from the greatsword Waythe, the recently reformed and very concerned Mercantile Alliance ordered Sergeant Kellson to rejoin Garland's Garrotes to advise and support them in their missions against the other giant tribes.