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Race Human (larva mage)
Lifespan Died 2145
Character Class Wizard
Status Undead
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Kask was once a research at The Ziggurat, helping to develop magical weapons for Estorium. When he got the opportunity to study the Tear of Boccob, he was elated and, to prove what he could do with it, turned their red dragon guardian Rukaleth into a dracolich. The other researchers were horrified, and denounced his actions. Furious, he stole the Tear and turned against them, but was destroyed by a time-shifting hourglass they had created.

Kask awoke more than eight hundred years later, finding that though his body had decayed, his soul lived on in the maggots and worms that had devoured it. He was seemingly destroyed by the Challengers of the Unspeakable soon thereafter, but managed to survive. A year later, he approached Leardon Sunflare and proposed that they join forces to destroy the gods and usher in a new era of darkness and undeath. When Leardon declined, Kask detonated a staff of power, destroying them both before sending a thief to steal Leardon's phylactery. The thief was stopped, and Kask has not been seen since.