Kayleth Lifesinger

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Race Half-elf
Gender Female
Character Class Bard
Patron Deity Metria
Status Alive
Alignment Good

Kayleth Lifesinger, the Mesmerizing Entrancess would be a fairly typical name found on banners in towns major and minor all. This traveling wonder of the 4 realms has captivated many a child's fancy as well as many young men's hearts. Having received formal training from the illustrious Starfire Academy, Kayleth's dazzles her audiences with elaborate magic shows and spine-tingling feats of arcane acrobatics! Come one, come all, to your town's center to witness her awe-inspiring wonders! You can't miss it; just look for the red tent. At least, that's the way she sells it.

In person, Kay is a soft-spoken and kind soul. She wishes no harm to befall upon others, and will take on grand assignments to see the suffering of others eased. Kay also nurses an ardent thirst for arcane knowledge. Magic is both her profession and her life's calling.

As of late, Kayleth has found a group of adventurers called the Challengers of the Unspeakable. They are a hearty bunch, capable of keeping themselves alive (in stark contrast to Kay's previous partners). She has decided to follow them, for the time being, to see if their paths will lead her to more arcane knowledge. That is, if they don't go looking for death only to find it.


Kayleth with Gryff

Kayleth was a war orphan, and by all rights should have died in infancy. A traveling fortune teller found her in the ruins of her parents' home, and took pity on the girl in a rare moment of selflessness. (An astute reader might ask, what was the fortune teller doing rifling through ruins?). And so, Kayleth grew up under the tutelage of "Bala-Barabushka, great Dame-Sage of the Mystical Voids". Throughout her childhood, the simple half-elven girl carried out the duties of preparing and upkeeping Barabushka's magic illusions, as well as tending to their pack horse, Gryff. She spent her youth stuffing chicken bones into sleeves and gathering pixie dust (simple flowering dust) for "spells".

In later years, Barabushka began to teach Kay a few basic arcane tricks and illusory magic to beguile and seduce coins from the purses of their gullible owners. The older woman knew that one day, her trembling hands would betray her magic seeing talents for what they really are: mere tricks of the eye. In such days, she would have to rely on Kay to take over her Magicke Shoppe of Wonderous Fortunes and earn them both their meals.

How does one start an adventure? Well, for Kayleth Lifesinger, it all started with a visit to Silverstone. Here, in-between tasks, Kay spent her time reading in the libraries, absorbing as much knowledge as she could. It was inevitable then that Kay would find herself sneeking into the Magic school to find more tomes of arcane (which were not admissible to the typical wandering person).

A chance encounter

In one such trip, however, Kay found a tome unlike any others. It spoke of connections between the world seen and unseen. Immediately, it touched off something mystical: Kay's latent connections to the Feywild, to the arcane. Like a flick of a switch, the light of magic within Kay flashed on and all of her studies started to make sense. She was able to wield magic, as adept as any mage.

Her new-found command over the forces of the arcane did not go unnoticed. Barabushka demanded the girl to use her powers for personal gain. Turning a wealthy merchant here into a frog to liberate his purse, or entrancing a local magistrate there to pardon Barabushka's lengthy list of warrants. In a matter of weeks, the two were on very difficult grounds and before long, they parted ways. While Kay will always be grateful to the elderly woman's kindness for saving her life, she did not want to squander her gifts for mere coin.

Adventuring Life

Kayleth's travels led her to a small town, where the local noble has many worries of the returning Drow. Already besieged by a mountain of other worries, this was one especially-dire possibility that he could not ignore. The noble gathered a group of travelers and promised them a great sum for delving into the depths and discovering what they can about the Drow threat lurking there. As the only person with any magical talents, Kay volunteered to go with the adventuring band to keep them safe. However, that was not to be. The adventurers found a group of Drow and threw caution to the wind with a wild charge. They had assumed that a greater reward awaits them should they bring back not just information about the Drow, but also a few of their dismembered heads as well. Unfortunately, these Drow proved too much of a fight for the rag-tag adventurers and they were all slain.

Kayleth managed to stay alive by surrendering, but a fate far worse was awaiting her. As the Drow took Kayleth deeper into their city, she was awoken blindfolded to the sounds of battle surrounding her. Relying on her wits, she quickly cast an illusion spell to make her invisible, and snuck away. All around her, the screams of death and the gurgles of mouths munching on flesh and bones were deafening. Kay found a crevice to hide within before silently removing her bindings. She saw a horrific undead band scouring the grounds for any Drow still alive from their slaughter. Kay stayed in that crevice for days, looking for a way to escape.

After days of hiding and barely-scraping by in the Drow city, Kayleth chanced into a group of adventurers. While they were cautious of her, and she of them, it was clear to Kay that these seasoned folks presented her only means of leaving the Drow city. So Kayleth joined them in their quest to obtain a reward for heroically defeating a drow vampire lord. Unbeknownst to Kay, these adventurers were out for blood, as their story fell apart in a tangle of lies.

Mesmerizing in combat

The group sought an audience with the Drow matron not to request a reward, but to behead her in turn. Surprised at the change of events, Kayleth leapt to action. She spoke words of power, leading the Drow matron to believe her magnificent body was a frail shell of itself (before one of the members enticed her to fall from her pedestal to her ensuing death). Kay next tamed the fiery heart of the matron's abominable Drow body guard. The construct defender in the room was sent unhappily off into the Feywild where it spent a short time trapped in Fey's prison. Finally, a large band of Drow defenders came to the Matron's aid, only to be met with a dizzying display of butterflies. Kay used her magic to reverse time, returning the party's wounds back to a time when they had not been rent.

Having successfully completed her task of gathering information on the Drow, Kay sent word of her findings to her employer via scrying. She then followed the adventuring party to find their kidnapped friend. Upon meeting Therianna, and discovering the ghastly sacrifice of her hostage to the fire giants, Kayleth summoned her trusty steed Gryff and leapt to action. The fight was brief, but taxing on Kay's reserves. She swatted away several drow sniping from a distance by summoning a powerful wall of crackling sound upon them. Their ear drums exploded within their heads and spewed forth gushes of blood as they fell. Kay used her knowledge of the Arcane to help free Mira from her prison, then applied magical healing to her wounds.

Kayleth opened a portal from the Trine academy to her location and followed the apprentice back to his academy. There, she briefly tended to the wounds of a few dying students before encounting Therianna's faithful. Their attempts to barricade themselves behind a wall of furniture only succeeded in creating a figurative barrel for which they were fish for Kayleth's wand to shoot. A dragonborn amongst them was captured and interrogated to gather info on Therianna, but alas, had little to contribute.

Kay used her magic to wrestle a magical acorn from its resting place and seeing that its path had little to do with hers, relinquished it to the hyperactive squirrel in the party, Chrip. The squirrel was bolstered from its findings and made promises to a group of Fey -- promises for which it could not keep, but Kay was nonetheless impressed by its boast. Perhaps time will tell whether or not the squirrel will attain the means to make good on its offer. The fight with the woman who kidnapped Ro, the party's previous druid, went well despite being difficult. The ensuing fight against Therianna did not go well, however.

A few days later, Kay signed up for an encounter against the Far Realm. Perhaps they will have awesome magics to study.